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NicoleMaguire December 13th, 2011 06:43 PM

Talking to boys
So I am going on a week long cruise to the bahamas and i'm really nervous. I don't want to hang out with my family all week and I would really love to meet some people and some guys to hang out with. (I'm a girl) there will be a teen club on my ship and I was wondering a few things.
1-what is the best way to meet and approach guys?
2- how do you hang out with them later if phones don't work?
3- is grinding allowed?
4- what is the best was to ask one of them to dance.

also I am a sophomore in high school, i'm not guy shy and i'm 15 so i will be able to get into the older teen area. And i would kind of like a hook up on this cruise.

mmerali December 13th, 2011 11:27 PM

Welcome to Cruisemates Nicole. I'm Michael your teen host. Ask me questions if you have any :)

Getting to the questions:
1. Go to the teen club. Best approach: I'm on a boat, you're on a boat, let's both be on a boat and have a chat.
2. Usually, you set up a place to meet. I.e. the pool, 10 am, something like that. The teen club itself is a great meet up spot. Usually, there is a tendency to spend sea days together, and hang with the rents on port days. Although, I have had the occasional group port day.
3. For the most part. Depends on the Teen Host.
4. Straight up ask. Chances are, if other people are dancing, you're not going to get turned down.

Hope this helped.

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