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Default VOS and RCL

Hi all, posted this on another thread too.....

Question: Does VOS have a lobster night/feast? We sailed on the Splendour of the Seas last year, and they did not, disappointing really.

Also, lately we've been hearing a whole lot of negative about RCL cruises....most notably complaints about FOOD and SERVICE.........

Maybe we should start booking a different cruise line????

Thanks all and happy sailing.
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Default Re: VOS and RCL

I was on VOS for 9 daYS LAST Oct. There was lobster TAIL. These are frozen from South Africa, OK but not great and you can only get one. Get a steak to go with it.

I liked the food and service on VOS, I booked it again. You can get better food and service on other lines, but I don't think it's worth the extra $$$$$ Jimbo
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Default Re: Re: VOS and RCL

Thanks we appreciate that.......
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Default Re: VOS and RCL

We even had a lobster night on the 5 nt. this summer. Food was good in the dining room, but Carnival beats RCI hands down when it comes to the windjammer buffet. The Windjammer was OK...but ceratinly not the best! But it is not worth giving up RCI for! The ship's activities by far make up for anything else that might not be superior.
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Default Re: VOS and RCL

When I read about complaints and all, I tend to take them with a grain of salt. Remember, there's maybe several dozen people chatting on this board, but yet RCI has 19 ships averaging 2,500 people per ship out at sea right now. I seriously doubt they would have nearly 50,000 passangers on their ships if they weren't doing a decent job.

Of those 50,000, you may hear complaints from, say, 20. You would hear compliments from even less. But I would be those 49,980 other are probably having a good time.
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Default Re: VOS and RCL

I was on the Voyager in May, we had Lobster, as much as you wanted.

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Default Re: VOS and RCL

There are always going to be people compaining no matter what the situation is. Not everyone is going to like everything about their experience. Just remember, most people will complain when not happy, and those that are happy, most of the time, never share their comments. So, it is usually the compaints that you are hearing. I never listen to what other people say. I always make my own judgements. When going to Hawaii in May, I was staying at the Westin Maui. MANY people complained about it, even though it is a 4 star luxury rated hotel. When I was there, I loved it, and I would return. It all depends on the person, and what you are looking for. Some people are just too hard to please. Getting the opinions of others is always a good idea to know basically what to expect, but always make your own judgment call. Not everyone has the same expectations, and not everyone likes the same things. Someone on this thread said that the buffett on Carnival was better, and I personally hated it. But, whos to say that person is wrong. They like Carnivals food, and I am sure thousands others did as well. There are also going to be people who hated it like me. No one is right or wrong in this situation. It is right or wrong for us, and that is what matters. We will see, maybe I will like RCLs food better. Who knows. Anyway, just have a great cruise, and make the best out of your experience.

Maui or Bust!

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Default Re: Re: VOS and RCL

Great advice! Thanks all for responding......we are totally hooked on cruising now....2nd one down and hopefully many more to come!

We plan on doing just that, enjoying the cruise, the people, the sights and the sounds.

Have a greyt day all........Greyt as in GREYHOUNDS.
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