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Default Belize & Cave Tubing.

I am seeking some information on this cave tubing tour. How many of you have used Reggie for this tour? Were you satisfied?
Also, as far as the tubing goes, I am a large man, over 250lbs 6 foot tall, I have read that the water is sort of shallow in areas. Can I tube through the course without "running aground" shall we say?

Thanks for the info!
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Default Re: Belize & Cave Tubing.

I have heard great things about Reggie. Also, you may want to check out www.actionbelize.com Christian operated with yrs of experience. Good luck. Denise

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Default Re: Belize & Cave Tubing.

Dave, we just did the Cave Tubbing with Reggie on 4/13. My 1st. question is when are you sailing? Water depth varies by season; It was very low two weeks ago. On average your size will not matter if the current and water are deep enough. I had a terrible time getting up and out of my tube. Of course the rocks are very slippery and there was no one to give me a Hand. I may have dislocated my finger, too. My doctor said it is too late to do anything about it! The hike is not to bad, but we had to paddle constantly to try to keep up with the group. Reggie will make sure your tube is the correct size for you. The adventure was fun, but much more physical than I imagined. It was not as humid also as I thought it might be. It is very dark in those caves. I am glad I did the tour because of the folks that we went with also. We did not have time for lunch, but had about an hour for shopping at the port.
Bon Voyage
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Default Re: Re: Belize & Cave Tubing.

We were considering Reggies tour where the kids would actually tube and we would just tag along. Do you think that would work out well? It seems hared to tell.

If we don't tube, will we enjoy it?

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Default Re: Belize & Cave Tubing.

yes you will enjoy cave tubing area, whether or not you do the actual tubing.
those who choose not to tube can swim or relax in the fresh water.
see www.cbelize.com
greaat trips.
Narciso Garcia
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Default Re: Belize & Cave Tubing.

We did the cave tubing experience with Reggie back in January.

Reggie's operation is wonderful. From the time he meets you at the dock to the time he drops you off. He and his people take good care of you throughout the trip.

The drive to the river was interesting punctuated by our guide's commentary along the way. We stopped for a stretch and a bathroom break at a quaint little local restaurant at the halfway point (the name and the proprietor's name eludes me now !). We were going to return to this spot after our adventure for some local cuisine and cocktails, but due to "return to ship" constraints for some of our group we had to bypass this on our return. I was pretty disappointed with that.

Now for the cave tubing adventure. Once everyone was geared up, we trekked a little bit into the woods to the riverbank. About 5 minutes into the journey, you have to wade across the river in waist-deep water to pick up the trail on the other side. (river shoes are a godsend !) Yes...the water is chilly !! We were told the water is a constant 72 degrees. Not frighteningly cold....but certainly a bit of a shocker initially ! This spot on the river is the spot you conclude your tubing at. So, obviously, you have to hike up river a distance equal to your tubing adventure back down the river. We probably walked for about 45 minutes to an hour. The trek is interesting....an easy walk through some dry caves, lush forest and ultimately along the riverbank. When we got to the location where we were to begin tubing, again we had to cross over the river a few times as the water is shallow and the lazy currents have left sediment outcroppings that you have to walk around or over.

My idea of this trip was to lazily float through the caves and let the currents take you on the tour. However, this is NOT the case. We decided to use Reggie for this tour, because of the smaller numbers he takes. There were maybe 15 of us in Reggie's group. As we were preparing to leave the dock, we saw some of the cruiseline's buses loading up hoards of people for the cruiseship's itineraries.

When we first hit the water in our tubes and floated into the cave system, it was truly an awesome sight. This initial float was shortlived due to shallow water. Reggie had us get off of our tubes and walk about 10 yards to re-enter the river. At this same time, from around a bend farther up the river came this loud group of about 75 tubers, screaming and paddling madly up to where we were. Suddenly, the ideal scenario came to a crashing halt. We were instructed to quickly get back in our tubes and begin paddling in order to put some distance between the two groups. This didn't work to keep the groups separated. Eventually we found ourselves in the middle of this paddling, bouncing, shoving throng....with everyone yelling to one another to "hurry up" or "keep up"...it seemed to have turned into a tube race.

The water is very shallow in some sections, but floatable, if you keep your bum up. If you drag along the bottom your tube slows to a halt and steering is next to impossible. After a long stretch of this mad paddling we came upon another walk around spot. Our guides had us out of the tubes, across the "portage" and back into the water fairly quickly.....this manuever allowed us, finally to have some distance from the throng behind us. However, at this point we were now out of the cave system and into the river proper. The last leg of the journey was really quite fun, with some faster water that required one of our guides to run down river to deflect our tubes from the riverbank as we shot through the baby rapids.

For a couple of reasonably fit women in our 40's, we did pretty good. Although the experience wasn't what I had anticipated...we still had a great time and saw some truly beautiful scenery. As we were getting out of the river to reboard our van, we were laughing about how sore our arms were going to be the next day. Make no mistake...this is a physical endeavor....not so much for the hike...but certainly for the arm work involved in keeping your tube moving.

I'd highly recommend this tour with Reggie.....have fun !
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Default Re: Belize & Cave Tubing.

We did Reggie's cave tubing on our 2/23 cruise on the Paradise and had a great time. He is good about making sure you have the correct size tube for your body. It was more physical then I thought too, I wasn't expecting the paddling along. I was thinking there was going to be more of a current.

Make sure you wear plenty of sunblock. One of the guys in our little group didn't because he assumed we were in caves all day and got just fried.
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Default Re: Belize & Cave Tubing.

We went cave tubbing with reggie and its alot of walking but in the end it pays off. It is sallow in areas he made a lot of people walk some parts in the water because it is really shallow{im tiny and i could barely go in the shallow parts} and if theres a group in front of u he makes u walk past them which was embarrasing especially when people are looking at you wierd if i can be any more help e-mail me at Reecy2@wmconnect.com
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Default Re: Belize & Cave Tubing.

I disagree with the lady with the bad finger its not hard getting out of youre tub and if u have troble reggie will help u
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