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Originally Posted by World-cruiser
In Limon we took the echo cruise and really enjoyed it. They took us to a banana plantation which was interesting to see and on the cruise we saw lots of animals. Some other people that went in our group did a tour to see a Slouth sancuary and really enjoyed it. I have a friend who also really enjoyed the Rain Forest Ariel Tram.

In Colon Panama we took the Ocean to Ocean boat trip through the locks to the pacific side and back. We really enjoyed that tour since we only chose a partial panama transit and were able to see more of the locks. It was also really nice to see the locks up close in a smaller boat. My friend took the bus and train tour and did not really like it. They said that if you like sitting on a train all day then it is nice.
Those seem to be the same tours I took, except I went through Carnival. Limon= "Caribbean Train, Boat & Bus Experience"
Colon= "Panama Canal tour"
Both were excellent !
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Read and post cruise reviews

Read and post cruise reviews
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