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Ah Jury duty.

Once called and was one of last not to be chosen for the trial. Then 18 months on Federal Grand, it was quite an experience. Of course my boss did not like me having to be gone one day a week for that long and would complain to me. I would just shrug it off and was glad to be away from her for the day. She would have to do my job on that day.

Then called and asked to be excused because it had only been 4 months since off the grand and the court forgot to notify me that excuse had been approved so spent a day waiting only to be told "Oh your were excused ", why didn't they notify me!

Had summons for Federal Regular for last Dec when we were on cruise and was excused, but now am on my 2 weeks, call every day to hear the recording that nothing is scheduled but keep calling. Only a few days to go.
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