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Default art auction on the ships

Hi. I lived in Round Rock for 5 years at Dell as a program manager.

Here is a tid bit in dealing with Park West at Sea on the Freedom of the Seas. Also do a search on Park West through google and you'll see some other info.
pabrady 13,

Park West tried to ripp us off for $10,672 by providing a false receipt with the same exact signature we used on our original purchase.

We have all the evidence. They convinced our credit card company that they have the original receipt somehow, but park west didn't count on us not losing our receipt.

Citibank's lawyers are saying we have to sue Park West and they cannot do anything for us since it already went through their dispute process and they found in favor of the company. They cannot help us any further.

Park West has lied to Dallas Morning News and Citibank and we have proof of that as well. We set up a web site which will go live in a month if no further reponse or unconditional credit is given from Park West.

This fraud has to get national and international attention which we are planning for by a web site and contacting embassies because we think they are targeting us because we have foreign names.

So essentially we made a $880 purchase and we got the same exact receipt back with different line items & totals. The two original items were there, but there are two additional paintings added, one above $6k and the other above $4k.

They've made many mistakes along the way and we've caught them in every single lie. We are filing with the three states they do business in through the attorney general's office.

They offered a non-disclosure agreement and our money back, but the document stated we purchased the paintings and we did not like them. Any conditional agreement not on our terms will not be accepted. They have had the opportunity to return the money back to the credit card since the beginning.

The biggest problem is no one cares for the little guy. Park West doesn't know what's going to hit them this year. It's going to be interesting to see their reaction.

Lawyers don't touch it because they say it will cost $30k to take Park West to trial because they are a delaware company based in Michigan, doing business out of Florida in International Waters where no business law exists. Even if they did, the best of best lawyers in Dallas won't guarantee anything.

It's a good scam. No one can touch them legally very easily.

Good luck if you deal with them.
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