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Park West operates the art auctions on most cruise lines (but not Princess, for some reason), and they are reputable. Like others here, we've bought some pieces that appraised for 2x or 3x what we paid for them. Some come with frames too, that are worth a fair amount.

You should be able to browse the art in advance, determine what you might like, and then get to the auction early to talk to the auctioneer about what they might ask for it versus what it might appraise for.

We've gotten a Peter Max, some Kinkades, and some other stuff by artists whose names I cannot remember. Another nice thing turning up at art auctions are "animation cells", actual colored cells used to animate cartoons such as Bugs, Mickey, etc. Those are great, especially if you get ones signed by the (now dead) artists such as Hanna, Barbera, etc.
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