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Default Re: Cruise Report !!!

Hi Brenda & everyone,

Actually that was my husband Ron posting about our cruise. We truly did have a wonderful time. Not so good that it had a sad ending when we arrived home, but we were lucky to have our sweet kitty for many years....always hard to lose them, tho....

Ron will post again when the pictures are up....we took a LOT of pictures! Ron & our son Bryan had fun participating in the Hairy Man's contest, although we just had a video of that, it was pretty darned funny!

In Belize, we did the Angel Shark & Sting Ray snorkel, which was fun! The water everywhere was very warm, clear and beautiful! I don't have the prices in front of me, but I'll send them to you, Brenda, and anyone else who is interested....

In Roatan, we did the Dolphin Encounter, which was a lot of fun! We got to play with Mika, a 2-1/2 year old dolphin for about 30 minutes! We got to pet her and she did some tricks in the water for us (more photos!) and ended up with her giving each of us a kiss (oh yes, more photos!). When she was kissing my teenaged son, she stuck her tongue out.. not sure what she had in mind, but it was very cute!

Thanks again for the good wishes,...Ron did quite well in getting around, everyone was very friendly and helpful, and he's a tough one to keep down!

Happy Cruising, all!


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