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Good morning from the High Seas Watched the sunrise and docking to Castaway looks just as beautiful as last time. Today is a day at the beach soaking in the sunrays.
Last night's dinner at Palos was fine. The steak I had was very good.
I guess there is a virus here,a lot of people have the "BUG". We bumped into a husband last night at the shops and he bought a ring for his sick wife. He said she had been sick for 12 hrs now but feeling better, eating rice. Just hopeI dont get it!

Tonight fireworks, a show and pirates.As you can tell we will be busy.Maybe I check in again tomorrow.

There is a problem with me staying onboard..they told me when I booked this I can stay on. Now they are telling me I have to do customs and get off.I am not happy that they did not tell me the right info but oh well.I wish I would not have to spend hours at an empty terminal and wiat until all the other cruisers are coming onboard!

But I am cruising so what the heck

Have a good day mates
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