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Good Morning All,

No snow today, but chilly - only 11 today. Supposed to be in the 50's by the weekend.

Like Trip I get sick of making the same old stuff for dinner and had been running out of ideas. I tried to think about what we used to eat when I was a kid that I don't make. Somewhere from the corners of my mind I remembered Swiss Steak. So I downloaded a recipe and made it for supper last night. It wasn't as I remembered, my mother was a good cook. My son and DH loved it tho' guess I'll be adding it to the cycle.

It really is a small world. Last night my daughter called from Florida, where she is touring with her singing group from school. She opend the conversation with, "guess who I just found". Of course I wasn't sure. Turns out that some friends from our church happened to be dining in the same restuarant as she was. Neither knew that the other were in town. She happened to head to the bathroom at the same time as the husband. She said when the saw each other they just stopped and stared at each other. He said, "Gayla is going to flip when I show her you", so he brought Liz back to where they were sitting and his dw back was to them so he was really able to surprise her. She did flip out. She told my daughter that her husband had just remarked to her earlier that day that there were so many people all around them and how wierd it was that they didn't know anyone. They own a prominent business in our area and everyone know them, so it was really different for them. My daughter is one of those that no matter where we go we are always waiting for her as she knows people everywhere. Last time she was in Boston, she ran into random people she knew. It does get to be wierd after awhile.

Off to work, then the hairdresser. I will be with a different stylist today as the owner and stylist I usually go to just had to have emergency surgery. She had sores in her mouth for over a year. Last Feb she had them operated on. The specialist have been watching them very closely for the last year, they just couldn't figure out what was causing them. About 3 weeks ago they finally found out they were cancer. They had to remove a lot of her lower jaw. She had surgery less than a week after finally diagnosed. She could use some prayer if anyone would be willing.
Two of her children are the same ages as mine, and she has been my hairdresser since I was in the 6th grade. She is a lovely person.

Hope you all have a great day.
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