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Originally Posted by luv2cruise99
I just wish that everyone would learn Basic Strategy so that the game could move quicker and I wouldn't have to sit through watching one player slow down the whole game by making every hand the decision of a lifetime.

Counting cards works great on games with one or two decks, but will do you little good on the 6 and 8 deck shoes used by the cruiseships, especially since they burn between one to two decks of every shuffle.
I found that after you spend enough time at the table and demonstrate to the dealer that you know BS he will almost play for you. He will give you a look or deal cards out until you've followed BS and doesnt waste time asking if you want to hit a 15 vs 7+ etc. This in iteself makes the game go faster and getting more hands played is whats its about if your a counter.

As far as counting it is a whole lot of work for 8 deck games. All of the cruises Ive been on used 8 decks. I think thats a surprise to many players. The end of the last cruise a bunch of us who got to know each other from playing, solid seasoned BS players, were standing back watching play. I mentioned the fact that they were using 8 decks and they didnt believe me and they ended up asking the dealer. Of coarse he replyed 8 to their surprise. Jumping from 6-8 decks really swings the odds into the casinos favor.

I bet I played close to 50 hands being at a disadvantage or even odds for every hand where I had the advantage. The only way for a counter to get ahead on 6 and 8 deck games is have a big bet spread. 1-8 for 6 deck and 1-10 for 8 deck. That means if you min bet is $5 then your max bet would be $40 with a 1-8 bet spread. You need a big bankroll to handle that.

There was a single deck game on RCCL with $25 min that I could have done well at if I had enough bankroll to weather a streak of bad cards but thats another story. With the crowded tables and limited time of operation, cruise ship casinos its really tough to get ahead at.

Man this thread just keeps popping back up from the dead every couple months.


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