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Default Re: SW airlines Overweight fare

I used to have respect for this website....but after this thread I am beginning to wonder.
You seem to generalize all obese people in one category, but you can not honestly look at an obese person and know if it they are heavy from their own doing or because of a medical problem.

I happen to be is my grandmother... and 2 of my aunts. It is a hereditary thryoid problem that has affected probably 5-6 generations of the women in my family.

Have I let my weight stop me HECK NO!!! In High School I was in marching band and worked at a scout camp and hiked 10 miles a day....

I cannot run...but I do walk everyday....I play with my 9 and 10 yr old...I participate in the 5 or 10 k charity walks each summer.

I eat less than a thin person would eat in 1 day...My Cholesteral is Great....I am not a diabetic... and I am a hygiene freak.

Yes...I would take a seatbelt extension on a plane..merly for comfort. but I would not "spill into your space"

and don't tell me It's my fault....the pills I take have pretty much stopped the weight gain...the only time I have ever been able to loose a substantial amount of weight was during pregnancy..I lost alot of weight but almost my child as well.

Do not judge a book by it's cover....
I would give my right arm..not to be obese..for me it is not a choice.
The comments I have seen here have given me a sour taste for this respectable site...

I guess I will be searching for my cruise advise elsewhere from now on...First it was "who will be in line first" and saving yourself before the this.
One of these days one of you may end up with a condition that leaves you unsightly in some way...then maybe you will realize how you sound now.
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