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Wow, Rick, how interesting that this came up just as I was thinking the same thing.

I'm cruising next week with a friend who is blind. She wants to go canoeing, SEE (her words) all of the sights of Alaska, and she's just a blast. I've known her for about five years, she holds a job, has a family, two lovely daughters, and is just incredible. Her handicap doesn't hold her back from anything.

Me, on the other hand, I'm fat. Obese by US standards although I'd never have to buy an extender for my seat belt. I feel like more of a pariah than her. I try to hide. I don't want to be seen. It's set me to wondering lately WHY. Why can she feel more totally at ease cruising and SEEING the sights than I can.

Because her disability is not her fault. Mine is my fault. I came to that realization just a few days ago. Wow. I know that when people look at her, they say, Not her fault. I know when they look at me, they say, That fat lazy slob, her fault.

No, I'm not at all disabled, 5'8, 200, but I am a pariah. Disabled by the treatment of others towards me. Because it's all my fault.

There are no excuses. But if there are no excuses, why do only 5% of diets ever succeed long-term? Those are the statistics. Go check yourself.

I found the answer 40 pounds ago. It IS metabolism. It is different biology. There IS a reason we crave to eat and, once large, have trouble finding the engery and motivation to exercise.

I won't go all off-topic and weird everyone out with alternative thinking, just suffice it to say that low-carb (not HIGH PROTIEN, low-carb) works and yet has been slammed by every mis-informed idiot on the planet. My blood pressure is now below normal, my TG is <100 (can ANY of you say that) and my cholesterol is fantastic.

Diabetes is now a national epidemic. Why? Sugar, starch, all pushed on us from the moment we're born. It's not natural for human beings and the diabetes numbers are showing it. Skinny people get diabetes, sir.

So blame me all you want. I now have something to blame. And the success rate for low-carb dieting is huge. I just hope other people who are blamed for their weak wills finally discover that it isn't them.

You skinny people have never experienced the hunger that we have. Now that I eat low-carb I finally realize the control over eating that YOU have. Sweet. Wish you could feel what I used to.

And you've renewed my committment to keep it up even on a cruise ship.

Thank you!
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