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Default Re: SW airlines Overweight fare


You know how they have those little things to check whether your carry-on is acceptable for L/W/H to fit under the seat or in the overhead bin?

Maybe there should be something like that for PEOPLE ???

"I'm sorry, Madame, but your avoir du pois exceeds federal limitations for a single seat." Maybe there could be security people measuring butt width?

Children under two years old can travel without airfare if a parent holds the kid. Want to be next to THAT person?

I remember a particularly odious flight next to a person who'd gone to the buffet too many times who promptly raised the armrest between the seats and oozed over into my space.

Maybe the cost of a seat belt extension should be $2,000 ???

A second seat would be cheaper.

I have a great deal of sympathy for people with weight problems that are not choiceful.

But when I rent/buy that itty-bitty airline seat, I expect it to be MY space.

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