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Default Re: Re: Re: SW airlines Overweight fare

I can't see what standing the human rights commission would have in this . As far as the ADA...maybe in a few cases but the majority of obesity isn't due to medical problems but is due to lifestyle (according to the Surgeon General). If, in the case of lifestyle, people choose to eat at all you can eat buffets and don't control what they eat nor exercise to the point they are hundreds of pounds overweight then I see no prob in Airlines charging for the extra seat their posterior occupies IMO. Also, if I understood the news correctly, SWAir has had this policy for a few years but was rarely enforced. A lady on MSNBC today (400 lbs) spoke out against this saying that America has changed (gotten fat) and we must accept this. Okay, if I can accept her aurguement that obesity is now an American norm then she should accept that for certain forms of transport her 2 person body will have to pay the 2 person fare . The US Surgeon General is saying that obesity is the new health hazzard in America. Also, if I heard correctly...SWAir stated that after the flight and if the flight had empty seats, the obese person could apply for the extra seat fare to be retyrned .


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