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Default Re: SW airlines Overweight fare

Rick, there will be a lawsuit filed against this the day it goes into effect, if not sooner. It is also reported that the ticketing agent will be the person determining if the customer is required to pay for two seats. This is so vague that it will never stand. In addition what about people who just happen to have wide shoulders like myself? What about ladies with large bosums? Will it only affect overwieght people? What about a person who is exceptionally tall? As you can see, there is no way this can be effectively done with any sense of fairness which means it will be illegal. What the airlines should do is make those darn seats wider! I have been pretty comfortable on most airplanes but those darn 727's with the 3/3 configuration is very painful for me because of the width of my shoulders, they just do not fit between the edges of the seats, and that's bone, not fat.

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