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Default SW airlines Overweight fare

Saw on news today where Southwest may start charging overweight people double fare (not sure of weight parameters). This would increase cruise costs if they carry through with this. Do you think this is fair? Should overweight people pay more.....certainly some need 2 seats. I think they should pay if they require 2 seats. I am not surprised at Southwests proposal and think other airlines will sit back and see how it goes before doing or not doing the same. I am not real surprised at the possibility of overweight people having to pay more to fly. .We are a country of overweight and obese people. US surgeon general stated earlier this year that this year deaths/illness due to overweight will surpass death/illness attributed to smoking. If not now..then in the near future, I would not be surprised to find that Companies will try not to hire obese people due to health costs. But for now........How do you feel about Southwests possible actions.


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