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Default Re: Another Thing, Men Wearing Hats

Lets walk down memory lane.......rock and roll is evil and will cause young kids to do bad things....long hair is evil and disrespectful....Only girls have long hair.....the mini skirt is a sin....only young men with nothing else going for them join the armed forces......Elvis is lewd.......pregnant un married girls are with an ear ring are gay...etc etc....point is that things always change..attitudes change.....parents complain about how their kids dress.....but still buy the kids the clothes they object to. lol..I need that silver tongue devil Warren to help me out here....He would have the right words here. The only thing for sure in life is change. some of you need to quit living in the past and deal with the world the way it is, not the way you would like it to be. Tipping my hat to SA
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