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Evan Stansbury
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I am glad you enjoyed your day at the spa.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to Steiner. One of my best friends worked at Miami corporate headquarters in the upper echelons and described her experience as essentially day-to-day "horrifying".

As for the ship, itself, many of the Steiner "girls" - usually blonde with a little bit of British attitude- have befriended me on board. I have often gone off with them on treks throughout ports or even hung out with them at the staff frinking table, when they let down their hair (pun intended) and always tell me the same story: INCREDIBLE pressure to sell meaningless treatments and products to the guests. Most of them regret ever signing on and wait for nothing more than "finishing their contracts" and getting back to the beauty salons where they got their training. (Believe it or not they also think American guests are a bit uptight about spending money in the spa on a "holiday". Go figure!)

This pressure to sell obviously hits many of the passengers, who resent the hard-sell and the endless battle to avoid soft- and hard-sales pitches.

There is not a chance in the world of changing Steiner, stopping young women and men from taking their year at sea with Steiner, or convincing those who've had the Steiner hard sell from squawking.

You are the lucky one. (I knew there had to be a few!)

By the way, Steiner's sells some sort of bath oil that smells like eucalyptus and is FANTASTIC and well worth whatever they charge for it! Greyish-purplish bottle.
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