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Victoria Sky
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What is it with the negative attitude of most people writing to this site?

I have had beauty salon treatments in the finest spas in the world and still find it difficult to compare to the well trained staff on Steiners.

Maybe you should ask yourself the question..what are you comparing this too? A smelly salon in your high street, with dirty equipment and bored girls!!

i have never honestly had anything as good as these girls consitently achieve. When have you ever seen a dirty spa at sea? Don't these girls offer products to you because they are meant too. When you go to the doctor doesn't he? C'mon, let's face it, if you don't want to buy then say no!

Mandara has a Spa on, I think it was Norweigian Sky, and the service was awful by comparison. These girls have never been trained in the products or the massage. My girl was reading from her instruction manual while she did my massage. She told me Steiner had rejected her! I can see why!!

So...give these guys a break....relax and enjoy...I do !!!

Victoria Sky
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