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Default Wanted: Female roommate for winter/spring 2006 singles cruis

I honestly canít believe Iím doing this! Here goes nothingÖ

Iím looking for a cabinmate to share a room/expenses with me on a singles cruise to the Caribbean in late winter or early spring 2006. I am a 27 year old straight single career woman, social drinker, non-smoker, no kids. I am looking for a FEMALE roomie that I can get to know and trust before heading off on this, what is sure to be, first of many cruises. When Iím not relaxing on deck with a good book or enjoying the ocean breeze, Iíll be meeting new people and enjoying the onboard entertainment (and with any luck a little dancing will be involved)! I could be open to suggestions for destinationsóbut there must be exotic snorkeling/scuba excursionsÖand white sandy beaches where Iím served girly-drinks with umbrellas by hunky men <wink>. Another stipulationóthe cruise must be a minimum of 7 nights. If you are a FEMALE and were also looking at taking a singles cruise (with Carnival or Royal Caribbean), but would rather have an idea who youíll be rooming with, send me an e-mail and tell me about yourself.

PS. I created this e-mail account strictly for any replies (if any;-)) and will check at least once a week until someone like-minded is interested.
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