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Default Re: Carnival vrs Princess

Speaking as a gay TA, Princess is the more gay friendly line, however, if there's any consideration as to price, unless the price difference is negliable, it's not IMO, worth the additional charge.

People have a lot of preconceptions about Carnival, and while I won't deny that the short cruises tend to bring a slightly rowdier crowd on occasion, they didn't get to be the world's biggest cruise line by not giving a good product. On the longer cruises, you're going to have a much calmer enviroment, because, as with any line, it's generally the people who are a little older and more mature who have A) the time, and B) the money to be gone for a week. Carnival Pride and Carnival Spirit are both lovely ships. That said, so is the Sapphire Princess.

I do give Princess high marks in how it treats its past guests. It's very often that I book some of my clients and in a few weeks, I get a fax about how they've been given an upgrade. Of course, so does Carnival, but I see it more consistantly with Princess.

I guess ultimately it comes down to what experience you want to have. If you're looking for relaxing, fun, and casual, it's Carnival. If you're looking for something a little more upmarket and a few more bells and whistles, it's Princess.

And just so you know I practice what I preach--my favorite line is Celebrity--I eschewed Princess, Holland America, and Royal Caribbean to check out the new Carnival Valor for my non-working vacation this year.
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