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Default Re: How do I meet Gay guys on a straight cruise

It is sooo easy. Just look around. There are obvious couples all over the place. I usually spot several before we even leave port. I did a Christmas cruise on the Ryndham several years ago and there must have been 20 or more us dancing away in the disco most nights. This past Christmas I was on the Legend of the Seas and -- same thing. By day 2 there were about a dozen gay guys hanging out together.

Cruise Director on the Legend (Carly) quickly organized a Friends of Dorothy party when we asked. Also, one gay couple was selected to be in the Newlywed Game show. They were fabulous, right down to the big on stage kiss.

Don't be bashful or feel that you have to hide who you are. People go on cruises to relax. They tend to leave their prejudice on the dock.

Oh, and by the way: when you do hook up with others, talk to the Maitr'd about seating you together. I've done this a couple of times without difficulty.
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