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Default Re: Quadriplegic wishing to cruise

One thing that was not answered for you ........

The handicap accessible rooms are no more cost than any other cabin. The problem is that there are very few avaiable on any ship so they'll need to book far in advance if they want one. We have found that booking 6-8mos ahead works well for us. They will also need to make sure transportation is avalable from the airport to the port if they decide to fly. I've dealt a lot with this and would be more than willing to assist you/them with suggestions and/or referrals.

Also I strongly suggest bringing a powerstrip in their luggage. The ship's outlets are rated for 12-15 amps but nothing most people have will require that much current unless they plan to bring a quartz heater. The cruiselines don't want you to plug them in so they must stay out of sight when not in the room (pack them in the luggage every morning). The reason for the suggestion is that I like to recharge my powerchair every night and most cabins (including the handicap ones) only have one outlet in the room and one in the bathroom for a shaver, curling iron or hair dryer. If I use the outlet for the p-chair then I can't recharge my camera batteries or anything else. Just be cautious and knowledgeable about what you are plugging in and you won't have any problems. I've been doing it for years.



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