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Default Re: Quadriplegic wishing to cruise

While it is important to know about any platform beds, in 30 years of cruising we have never had one in a ship's cabin. There is nearly always space under the beds, often used by the cabin steward to store quilts at night, or for suitcase storage. We just have to tell the cabin steward not to put anything under the bed so that we can use our lift.

We have a travel lift that we use just for travel (at home we have a ceiling track lift). It folds up quite small, and we take it on the plane, etc. In fact, when we board the ship we use it as a luggage cart for some of our carry-on luggage. The cruise line will not provide either a hospital bed or a lift, but you can rent these and have them delivered if you really need them from companies like CruiseVacations.

We also have a travel commode/shower chair. My mother is also tetraplegic (due to MS) and cannot balance on a fold down shower seat, and bowel care is much easier this way than trying to just use the regular toilet (which can be of variable height and size.

If they want more information on some of this equipment, let me know. I am very familar with the different products available in both these categories.

I would recommend that for a first cruise they try to leave and return to a USA port, and minimize need to fly as part of the trip (if they can drive to the port, it makes it much easier to schleep along all the needed equipment).
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