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I want to thank those that answered my earlier question. I downloaded Google and wrote in the keyword or search area, "Yellow Pages search- Handicapped Equipment in the San Diego area." Google came up with about a dozen. I called 4 listed firms and it seems each has some sort of problem, the most important impediment was that the cruise returns on Sunday and no one seems to work on that day to pick up the scooter.

While our ship leaves from San Diego, I assume if your ship leaves from Los Angeles, Seattle or Vancouver, Google Yellow page can be of help.

After all my calls I hope the wife does not say she does not want to use a scooter' She may reply, remember that fat lady that ran over your toe and squashed it ?" On another cruise the scooter driver ran into the chow line in the Lido restaurant knopcking over two passengers with full trays.

Thanks again.

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