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Default Re: Aruba tourist missing

I'm with Emilka ..... I have to admit that everything I've heard about this case makes me believe that she did herself in when she went off by herself with three unfamiliar boys while drinking. No one knows whether she was drunk so I can't assume that she was but her friends did admit that she had been drinking. I believe the boys they have in custody know her whereabouts and it's only a matter of time before one of them cracks under pressure. Our oldest son wanted to go on a cruise for his graduation a few years back and we told him he could go as long as someone WE KNEW PERSONALLY was going to chaperone them. Needless to say it never happened. Last year our youngest graduated and we took him and his best friend on a cruise with us. They shared a separate suite and had a wonderful time. We kept a watchful eye on them from a distance.

As far as Aruba being a safe place ..... Jean and I were there a few years back and felt as safe there as any other place we've been. The only place in our travels we ever encountered what I deemed 'trouble' was in Jamaica. When we got off the ship as we walked into town a man approached us, opened his trenchcoat and offered us a myriad of different drugs he was carrying. At the end of the street we could see police officers talking with another local so we pointed this out to the fellow in the trenchcoat and he closed his coat and kept walking. That was it. We didn't really feel threatened by him we just felt uncomfortable.


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