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Default Re: Re: Aruba tourist missing

I feel very sorry for the family of this girl, but I honestly feel that whatever happened to her was her own fault. I mean, she was there with 124 of her classmates, why did she have to wander off with three strange guys? Being a college student myself, the point of graduation trips is to have a great time with your classmates, especially when there are so many to hang around with. It's the last time they'll all be together. And to go off with strangers when your drinking? It's just stupid. It also makes me wonder if she had any friends though. Cause I know if I was in the same situation, I wouldn't want to leave my classmates on our last night together and they wouldn't have let me leave, especially if if I was drunk.

And it's making life harder on all of us teens who want to go places. I had been planning a cruise for next may with some friends to celebrate their college graduations, but now our parents are thinking twice about letting us go, even though we're all experienced travellers who would never go off by ourselves. My parents even gave me a hard time about me going into New York City with friends (something very common for us Jersey kids) cause of what happended to that girl in Aruba.

I feel extremely bad for her famil, but it was her own stupid mistake, and it's just going to give great islands, like Aruba a bad name. My next door neighbor is from Aruba and met his wife of over twenty years when he was a waiter at the hotel that she was staying at. This incident is just going to give wonderful people like him a bad name.

Sorry for the venting, but this whole thing has definitely made me a little angry.

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