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Default All-inclusive resort vs. Cruising

Now don't get me husband and I *love* cruising, but
just this year we went to Cancun at an all-inclusive resort (food,
alcoholic beverages as well as "shore" excursions!) We found
some of the differences to be very interesting...

For one, you can eat at a VERY nice restaurant whenever you
want! No hurrying to be in the correct dining room at 7:30p. Plus
we had approximately 6 different restaurants to choose from...

Second, one of the hardest decisions to make during our vacation
was which fresh water pool to swim in! The pool with the bar at one end, or the
indoor one with heated water with underwater music, 2 jacuzzis and a cold dip pool, or the exercise current pool?? Decisions, decisions!!

Thirdly, we could order room service and get the same food as in
the dining rooms! Filet Mignon and T-bones in your room beats a ham
sandwich anytime!

Fourth, the bartenders were more than happy to make you
whatever drink you wished, and if you were too busy sunning
yourself, they made a point of coming over and taking your order..
The Chef also made a point of coming to our table and asking if
there is ANYTHING special he can make for us. My husband
requested a different cut of beef from one of the other restaurants, and
he happily made that for him that evening. He seemed disappointed when I
told him I was happy with the T-bone steaks! The food was far superior to
any cruise cuisine we have had, and the staff members way friendlier!

As I said, the uniqueness of cruising cannot be beat, but I found
some interesting differences to consider when comparing an all-
inclusive to a cruise.

..but have no fear! We're scheduled for another cruise in August
of this year...

And oh! Did I mention the Bingo was *free*?? Yup, they pay you in resort dollars that you can use for services & mdse. They also have shows and different activities to do around the resort...

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