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Default Re: Aruba tourist missing

This young lady , her friends , her chaparones and her parents all displayed terrible judgement. Probably to a horrible and tragic ending. The place just happened to be Aruba.
That said Aruba is probably one of the two or three safest places that one can visit in the Caribbean. No where in the world is 100% safe. Aruba, Curacao, Bermuda and the islands of the BVI are probably tops on the "safe" scale. This type of crime is a nightmare for an island that teaches children in grade school to be polite and helpful to tourists as they do in Aruba.
Because of the levels of poverty, places like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic , Haiti, Panama and Columbia CAN be more dangerous when one steps away from the typical tourist areas. Beautiful places all, there can also be a side to these ports one does not want to explore unescorted.
Charlotte Amoile in St Thomas has a very seey side to it at night once the cruise touists are gone . This is primarily due to a very small minority of the population involved in drug use and trafficing.
Pick pockets and petty theft can be expected on almost any crowded city one visits and on almost any beach one can go to.
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