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Default Re: Re: Aruba tourist missing

I agree. When we were in Aruba, we also felt compleely safe and not at any risk. I think this story could happen anywhere - it seems to be more about teenage drinking and sexual attraction - too much drink, dancing - it happens the world over and obviusly whatever happened, spun totally out of control - most probably boils down to rape or attempted rape and in the course of that, a young girl could have possibly lost her life.

Now talkinga bout a country that you do not feel safe in - I can name that place in one - THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - a real hellhole if ever there was one.

Back in 1998, hubs and I stayed at the beautiful 5 star Riu Merengue resort right up in the north of the Island. The resort itself was superb but was encaged in electronic wire fencing. Yes, to keep the locals out.

We went for a cruise from Santo Domingo the Capital, which is right down in the south of the island, and to get there, we had to take a 7-hour coach drive. That is the time when you experience the REAL Dominican Republic and oh what a hellhole it is, dead dogs by the roadside, families suriving in one ramshackle hut, people getting run down and thrown into the back of trucks, beggars clambering on to the side of the coach whenever you had to stop at traffic lights etc. Our coach driver warned us all not to get off the coach as he would not be able to vouch for our safety and whilst we were there, a group of tourists were hijacked by locals with machettis for their personal belongings, and these tourists were on a paid organised excursion!!!!!!

It is truly the worst place I have ever visited and I have done a lot of travelling.

Please take heed, and avoid it. Many brits go there as they see it a cheap way of visiting the Caribbean - it may be, but in all things in this world, you only get what you pay for and believe me, the Dom Rep. is very cheap and nasty!!!

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