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I was there a few months ago on the Coral Princess. ( based on the RCCL brochure your trip will basicaly be like mine ) Your ship will enter the Canal through a set of locks into Gatun Lake. Those taking shore tours will be tendered ashore . The ship will continue to cruise around Gatun lake for a while, then go back through the locks and dock.
We took the tour to the Embera Indian Village and it was worth every penny. It involves a bus ride of approx. an hour or so and then a motorized canoe ride up the river to the village. I would recommend this highly. We arived back at the dock in plenty of time to get in some shopping.. Go through the main part of the terminal where all the modern shops are to the back area . That's where the Indians and locals have their shops and stalls set up.
I'm sure you will be in for a treat.
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