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Default Re: Windjammer for a honeymoon

Hi, We went on the Mandalay for our Honeymoon in August of 2001. Loved it for a Honeymoon. Trip was spoiled by a "Horrendous" trip down to Venezuela with little/NO help from Windjammer.
We were VERY dissapointed in the lack of help they gave us, (Spent the night in Caracas, missed EVERY flight due to tight flight bookings, missed the sail off and had to pay about an extra 200 dollars iout of pocket to take a small boat out to the Manadalay, not to mention paying extra fo a night on board BEFORE the cruise, and then arriving 2 days late!!! PS, Windjammer set up our travel to the Port!). After we finally arrived, we had a great time. Mandalay was BEAUTIFUL, but I recommend getting one of the cabins on the top deck, as the bottom was VERY tiny. (We had an admiral suite for only 100 bucks more, it was beautiful!
e-mail if you'd like more info:
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