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Default Re: St. Petersburg to Moscow

Sorry to say we had a bad experience with this trip on the Pakhamov. There was a horrid odor in the cabin's toilet and after three tries asking that something be done we were finally moved to another room, thanks to the hotel manager. The tour director said it would go away but after a few days it did not go away and she was not interested in our problem only to send a can of room spray which was of no use. A few others complained about this but ours seemed to be the worst. Food was tolerable. The crew was great and the shows and optionals were fantastic. My husband was very sick on the last day and for three days after returning home with "Stalin's revenge" so they call it. There is water where you can fill up your bottle that they said was safe. We recently learned that you should not keep that water in the bottle too long, maybe just the day. You cannot drink the tap water at all. I am convinced that something with the odor in the toilet and room had made him sick. We found the rooms where they shows were held were entirely too small. There were not enough seats to fit everyone and some just turned around and left. Next time it is Uniworld river cruise for us, no more Viking. Don't want to burst your bubble but be aware and be safe.
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