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Default Re: St. Petersburg to Moscow

Wwe went on the Viking River Cruises Pakhomov from Moscow to St. Petersburg in May 2003 and thought it was FABULOUS. I read the review by someone in "Cruise Addicts" and I am not sure what the problem was unless the person thought she was going on a Carnival Cruise or a Princess, etc. There is no television and no "entertainment" and no casino, but they took us to the Russian Ballet, to the Hermitage, to the Moscow Circus, folklorico etc. etc, etc. It was absolutely wonderful.
Our experience with Viking River Cruises was very memorable with the staff more than willing to accomodate us and our guide Valera being absolutely exceptional. I must admit that the food on board was not 5 star, but they always would make you a chicken breast and vegetables if you didn't like the entrees. We didn't go on this for the food. We went to see a different culture and learn about a place that we had never been. I wouldn't do this kind of cruise if I were looking for food or entertainment or people who speak perfect English. If I wanted all of that, I would stay home or go on one of the "big ships"!!!!
Viking River Cruises had a great trip to Russia and that is why we are choosing to do China with them. Viking River Cruises is a good line to book with as long as you realize that you aren't going on a big cruise ship!
I don't know how the river will be in July, but it was wonderful in May. I think July will be quite hot and humid - so be prepared for that! The standard cabins are very small so don't bring a lot of luggage!!! It doesn't matter the size because they keep you so busy that you eill be happy to get back to your cabin to go to sleep!!!!! It's a great, great trip! I hope you go and enjoy it. Just remember, yiu are in Russia...not the U.S.A.
Bon Voyage!
P.S. We liked Viking River Cruises so much that we are going to do one thir china trip in November.
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