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Default Re: Towels for pool??

RCI stopped having towels by the pool. So if your out by the pool and want to sit down on a lounge chair and dont want to get your clothes dirty from someones sun screen, you will have to do down to your room and get your pool towels to use on the chair, when your done, you will have to go down to your room and return your towels so you wont get their 20 charge. I told our room steward that we did not like their new towel policy and we like to swim a night, he did leave us with a large stack of pool towels and told us he does not enforece the 20 charge so not to worry about it. But its still back and forth, back and forth.

It was great when they used to leave towels by the pool. It was sooooooooo much more convienent, and really added to a relaxing vacation. Now its one more hastle to have to deal with.

You can do a towel exchange during the day by the pool if your towel is wet and you want another one.
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