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Just the facts, "Dan-O" - believe me, you do not have the power to get me fired up about anything, seeing as I have not ever made your acquaintance. But you brought up the subject of smoking, and we are a family who has been deeply wounded by just that behavior. I am entitled to my opinion, and will not resort to cheap put-downs to express it. The simple fact is that It just breaks my heart to see my 9-year-old son's chest constricting during an asthma attack when he's trying to simply draw a breath, particularly when it's been brought on by people smoking in public places (and I can assure you that he doesn't spend any time in bars or casinos). We are deeply saddened that our sons have no grandfathers, directly because of smoking. We are all haunted by the memories of their protracted, horrible deaths, with brown mucus draining from their mouths and noses as they begged for death to take them.

Yes, I am part of the "discriminatory non-smoking public", and proud of it. We are a growing majority, thank goodness! No, I am not perfect, but I am pretty darn sure I don't engage in behavior on a daily basis that threatens the health and well-being of others.

Let me remind you: you brought this up! Smoke away - they're your lungs! Enjoy them while you have them!

Happy Sailing!
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