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Sandra W
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Default Re: Celebrity vs RCI

We have sailed both Celebrity and RCCI and prefer Celebrity for the service and food.

RCCI seems to appeal more to young families. The result? Too many unsupervised children on RCCI running amok with no parental control at all!

Celebrity appeals to us because there seems to be more couples...younger and older.

We are sailing on the Monarch of the Seas in September for a short quick cruise...with my brother and his young family. We already know that they will like RCCI because there will be MORE young couples with children on board. Well...we're ready...we know what to expect. Tiny rooms...middle of the road food...etc. But we will have a great time and so will they!

But for a real cruise vacation for just my husband and I or if we are cruising with another couple with no children......we pick Celebrity!
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