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The following is an excerpt quoted from which ihighlights Jean-Francois Bouchard, a director of Creation with Cirque, the person behind the Bar at the Edge "show". It was also partially printed in the hard copy of T & L in the March issue. Thought some would like to see it. There's also a link to a video of it--have not tried that yet. We'll be on Summit next yr so I am interested in how the prior dance & lounge space is being used......

"2. What goes on inside the Bar at the Edge of the Earth?

That's our little secret, because the environment changes depending on the spirit of the guests. People are invited to cross a gateway into an imaginary world on the other side of the mirror, where Cirque artists—a sea urchin-shaped clown, a mysterious glassblower sharing messages in bottles—draw them into the performance, greet them as old friends, and, of course, offer drinks and appetizers. On every cruise there's a masquerade ball with an extensive dinner menu. Guests dress all in white and images are projected onto them.

3. How did you conceive the show?

Le Petit Prince, Jules Verne, and Leonardo da Vinci inspired it, and my childhood memories. I was born in Sept-Îles, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, and the Lantern Tuner character—one of six I created for this piece—is modeled on my father's best friend, a lighthouse guardian.

4. Which cruises will feature the performances?

Constellation was the first ship scheduled, followed by Summit this past February. Two more ships are slated for next year. These are all Celebrity's Millennium-class specials".
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