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Default CUBA tours coercion...

Noivember 2018
Excessive Visa and tour charges. We sailed on the Journey and were obliged to buy a Cuban Tourist Visa at $75 . The real cost is only $25. when challenged the excursion desk explained the $50 difference -+ 200%! as administrative costs. Ludicrous for their only effort was to clip the empty Visa to a paper asking the guest to complete it.

Worse ....* NON AMERICANS be advised .. they force all pax to buy a tour or you will not be released to go ashore, claiming its illegal. This is untrue and in fact confirmed it with the Cuban immigration officials. We went ashore numerous times during our stay and were never asked for our tour tickets- We still have them in a sealed envelope. I was blatantly refused a refund. Pax who did use the tour tickets they were coerced into buying, expressed their discontentment at the very poor tour quality and excessive price. A personal tour guide can be found for $20 a day, compare that to Azamaras minimum of $89 for 2 hours.

Be warned off this money spinner where you the pax are the undoubted loser.
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