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Default Vaccinations for WC Segment

We are heading out on a 42 day WC segment in February 2019, and the cruise line*no longer tells you which vaccines you are required to have...and leave it up to you to figure it out.* From what I can see there are only recommended vaccines*and none absolutely necessary. I am basing this*on our current residence, and the places we* have recently traveled. We are flying BOS to MIA to no connections that are suspect for Yellow Fever, Typhoid etc.* * *

Our itinerary includes Chile, Easter Island (Chile), Pitcairn, Bali, Tahiti, Indonesia, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Raratonga.

Based on research, none of the above destinations require specific vaccines unless you have recently visited or connected through countries where these diseases are active.

Are any of you aware of different information regarding the above itinerary??

Thank you
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