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Default Newbie - baggage & last name newlyweds

Hello, all!
My name is Kathy and I just got married last weekend! I apologize ahead of time for the several questions I have. I am very OCD on having to know to the detail on things this big.

We are going on a 5 day cruise soon on Elation. I have a small backpack for carry on (prescriptions, etc) and a rolling duffel. My now-husband has a small suitcase and backpack but also a garment bag for his suit and my gown for formal night.
Will the garment bag have to be counted as one of our carry on bags since we will already had a small carry on bags and a "checked/suitcase" (though we don't plan to use a porter - just plan on bringing them on with us )?

Also! (Sorry!) He put me down under his last name though obviously I have not had time to change my SS card or passport. I just need to bring my passport and marriage certificate correct?

Thank you so much! ❤
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