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Default Speaking of taking a baby...

I think parents of young kids go on a cruise because it makes sense to them. For many, not having to drive, cook, clean, or plan are all attractive aspects of a vacation!

I hate when loud, obnoxious kids ruin the environment. I hate when parents allow their kids to consistently ruin the environment. In all fairness, I also hate loud, obnoxious people that ruin the environment...the latter two should know better!

I was talking to a coworker she just returned from a Disney park. She was upset that the lines were so long, but also that the price has gotten so high. If the lines are that long, then the price isnít high enough! Perhaps Canivalís old policy of $500 per infant was prohibitive enough to maintain a low/no attendance of noisy toddlers. Thatís probably similar as to how the premium lines limit the attendance of classless, obnoxious adults!

There is a restaurant in Cali that is getting a lot of attention for having a sign that say ďno strollers, high chairs...Ē and suggests that children causing disturbances will be asked to leave. Some people see it as discrimination. Others as a pleasant environment to dine. I see it as society has completely forgotten that this is a society...
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