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As I always tell people about opinions; everyone has one. Keep in mind that we're all different and what one person loves, another will hate. So, take advise from friends with a grain of salt. Just because your friend likes Princess over Holland America does not mean you will.

With that said, I've cruised on both many times and enjoy both of them, so I honestly feel you'll have a good time no matter which one you choose.

Holland America has been doing Alaska longer than any other cruise line. They also have more ships and itineraries than others. And if you want to do a tour along with your cruise, they not only own their own lodge, but they also own all the hotels you'll stay at. They are also only one of two who own lodges in Denali - Princess being the other one, but Princess does not own any of the hotels they us.

And yes, the Zaandam is a smaller older ship. But that's one thing we like about it. It has a more intimate feeling along with an old-style cruise character. Food is very good and the staff is wonderful. This is why they attract an older demographic, because those people appreciate what Holland America has to offer. So, Holland America caters to that level very well.

By contrast, Princess is also really nice, but in my personal experience, I feel the food on Holland America is a bit better. Their demographics is basically a bit younger. I never got the intimate feel that I got on the smaller ships of the Holland America fleet.

Keep in mind that cruises to Alaska are less about the ships than they are about the itinerary. So, take a long look at where you want to go and what you want to see. If both go to where you want, then you need to choose which one you feel will match your lifestyle and budget the best.

Talk with your agent as they can be a very good source of information to help you decide. But the important thing is for you to make a decision on what's best for you, not what's best for others.

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