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Originally Posted by bannana View Post
Hi I would like to hear if there are any teens who have met a guy/girl and fell in love? Is it possible?
Hello foram from 2002. I was 5 when this was made now that I think of it. Anyways, falling in love on a cruise can happen. It's very possible but having it last? Well 2013 I went on my first cruise with my parents. I was 14 and i was going to be turning 15 that year. I was very excited because I was getting away from everyday life. It was a week long cruise on the carnival valor. It was going to Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, and ochos rios Jamaica. My parents are part of this big cruise group called the troublemakers. The leader of the group had a daughter. So naturally me and her hung out for the duration of the cruise. We went to club O2 to meet other people and make friends and boy did I ever! I met this guy named Dillion. Me and him hit it off. He was 18 turning 19. So of course it wasn't logical to date. Me being the introvert I was. Couldn't really hide my crush on him. So me and the club 02 group would always be on the ledo deck playing a card game and the first looser had to do an ice cream round. There was a point where everyone had left because of things they had to do. So it was just me and Dillion. we were having such a fun time that I didn't want it to end but my cerfew was 10. Unfortunately. I had to go back to my cabin and I cried. I didn't have any friends back where I lived and I finally had one. Worse I had the worlds biggest crush on him. There were times I got really depressed on the cruise and he would make me laugh. Me and him would talk for hours. He would play silly games at me like a kindergartner that had a crush but he hid it well. When the time came were the cruise boarded in Florida and we all had to get off. I saw Dillion and his brother standing by club 02. I gave his brother a hug goodbye and I gave Dillion the biggest and longest hug. He was 3 states away from mine and i thought i would never see him again. I gave him my skype because I didn't have any other way of talking to him. I cried when I left the ship. It was the most fun I've had in years and it was over in the blink of an eye. We messaged through skype for a bit until my iPod broke. It was a long story but 2 years later. I finally had moved away from where I was living and went to a new school. I was in my junior year of high school. It was just after a test where I remembered the name Dillion. I found him on Facebook. We talked forever and started dating that summer. June 13th 2015. Its 2017 and I've moved in with him. I love him so much. He's actually down stairs getting ready for church. So to answer your question. Do teens fall in love in cruises. Yes and can they last? Yes. We've been dating for almost 2 years now and I think he's gonna ask me to marry him soon. Going on that cruise was the best vacation I've ever had ❤
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