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Rollerdonna, why did you resurrect a 7-year-old thread?

On the other hand, since you did and since there will be people probably looking at it who might like opinions, I'll give mine: although there is not a great difference, I prefer HAL over Princess. The food and service are fine on both, but it annoys me tremendously that Princess intentionally makes their main theater noticibly smaller than other lines do. The result is that people come 45 minutes early to the "early" show, with their e-readers, and save batches of seats which of course they are not supposed to do. Princess claims that the lounge theater in the back makes up for the smaller primary theater, but it has only a low platform rather than a stage, and the pillars there block the view.

Another problem is that the passage areas on the main activity deck are too narrow. Around the times that people are moving between dining and theater, there always seem to be crowds and congestion.
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