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Default HEY! It's 2016!

Originally Posted by bannana View Post
Hi I would like to hear if there are any teens who have met a guy/girl and fell in love? Is it possible?
HELLO to 2002 you! I just stumbled along this and it is 2016! How crazy. Time flies. Well if you can still see this account I have good news for you! When I was 16 years old I was on a cruise in July (my family was and still are avid cruisers) and I by chance had just met this guy from Germany who was 18, tall and handsome. Within the first 2 hours of us meeting we parted our ways from the group we were with (this is the first day on the ship) and we sat in the stairwell by my hall for hours until my dad told me it was time to come in now. From the very first moment I met him I knew that I fancied him, as the cruise went along I could tell that he fancied me as well. A very very long and dreamy story short... I am not 19 years old, almost 20 and I have talked to this guy every single day since the cruise ended. We FaceTime every night. We are not Internet or long distance dating. But we are both extremely infatuated with each other and over the summer we have arranged for me to fly to Germany to see him. I believe this could be something great.. which sounds crazy but.. I like to live my life with no "what ifs" I promise this isn't made up.. if it's a dream, no one pinch me, because I never want to wake up from it! Just some hopeful insight..
xo katie
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