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Benjamin Smith
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Default Re: Will I like the Century?

I don't know what you like in a ship. I personally don't care for Infinity, Summit and Constellation, especially Constellation. I like the way Century has both grand and intimate spaces. I like the Crystal room, a deco 1920s re-creation nightclub with wonderful dance floor and ambiance. I like Century's Hemisphere lounge, it's observation lounge. I like that Century does NOT have balconies in the back of the ship. I like Century's teak promenade deck. I like Century's overall size. I like Century's Cova. And Century's dining room beats the Millennium ships. All of the Millennium ships dining rooms look alike. Century's is unique to Century, has richer wood, has distinctive and maginificent columns and high back chairs and it feels special. Actually, the ship feels distinctive and special, IMO. For me the Century, Galaxy, and Mercury are Celebrity's most distinctive, characterful, and creatively designed ships. All 3 are unique and not carbon copies of each other.
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