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I read your review with great interest. We sailed on the Oceania Nautica for 17-nights in Asia a few years ago and our experience was quite different than yours. If you're interested in my review, you can read it under the Review section in this forum or under the blog area of our website.

As you mentioned, when a cruise line makes the claim that they offer 'the finest cuisine at sea', we were very excited about trying Oceania for the first time, because as with many people, whenever we cruise, we become foodies. So we had high expectations about the food, but at least on our cruise, those expectations were too high, because the food did not live up to the hype, in our opinion. Of course, it's possible that the Nautica was not as good as their other ships or it could have been the geographic location. This is why we'd like to try one of the newer ships, so we can experience Oceania a second time, since the first time was somewhat of a disappointment. But like I always say, what one person loves, another will hate. This is especially true when discussing food.

What we did find very interesting is that like you said, they do have a very fanatical fan base. We talked to many people who only cruise with Oceania and won't cruise on any other cruise line. However, one thing we found very interesting is that everyone we talked to on our cruise who had sailed with both Oceania and Azamara, much preferred Azamara. And I mean everyone. Not only did they find the prices better, but they all said how much better the food was. Because of this, we're really wanting to try Azamara so we can find out for ourselves.

Thanks for the review. It rekindled our desire to try one of the newer Oceania ships. As I tell people, you can sail on the same ship twice and get two completely different experiences. So, I'm one who believes you really can't try something once and establish a definitive conclusion about it.

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