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Default Recently returned from Alaska w/buddy from CruiseMates:)

Hi everyone,

I'm a jolly, black female, over 50, that has posted some ads on this website & have had a few nibbles. I stated that I'm a solo cruiser looking for ladies that wish to cruise to the Caribbean, Alaska and other places on my bucket list. Well, many months ago, one dear lady (my same age & of another race) contacted me & asked if I was still interested in sailing to Alaska. I said sure! We took time to get to know more about each other by emailing each other maybe 3 to 4 times /week, sending photographs and calling. We set our trip up; confirmed every step with each other, from our flights to our limo contacts to our cruise ship excursions (which we did all but 1 excursion together). She wanted & did the white water rafting, I wanted & did the alaskan dog sled camp. On the ship, we enjoyed the same types of food, shows and events. We went to a trivia contest and won it as a team. We enjoyed meeting, chatting & dining with so many different folks while onboard. She and I enjoyed a few games of chess together. She smokes, I don't, but I didn't care. We bought each other a drink or two every now and then. In our cabin, we are both neat & clean people. We listened and sang along to country music that she had in her phone with the help a small external speaker that she brought. We both snore a little & since I am a very light sleeper, I brought ear plugs. While on land, we shopped together, stopped for a drink and took many photos of breath taking sites.

This was my first trip ever to Alaska (September 2015). I flew from Virginia to Seattle. She flew from Texas to Seattle where we met at the SEA-TAC airport.

Our entire trip was planned extremely well and went the same way from start to finish. I am proud to say that we are CruiseMates for life !!!

Our next cruise together = Bermuda (April 2016)

Any girly girls age 50+ wanna come along????? We are always looking for "the-more-the-merrier". Send me a message here.

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